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Outsourcing Due Diligence Services

Bring clarity to complex business challenges by choosing our due diligence services.

Are you looking to conduct due diligence, which is the process of performing research and analysis before an acquisition, partnership, investment, or bank loan to determine the correct value of the item for which the due diligence is being conducted? Are you looking to partner with a reliable and experienced provider of due diligence services that can provide you with valuable reports and analyses that help you in your decision-making and negotiating processes? if so, you are in the right place.

We are a leading due diligence service provider and will always implement the latest due diligence best practices to provide you with highly accurate reports and analyses that you can trust. Our due diligence experts have significant experience in performing and providing commercial due diligence reports and analyses to clients from across the world and from every industry.

Our due diligence services include -

Legal Due Diligence Services

We provide comprehensive legal due diligence services that help companies during the M&A process. During the M&A process, management needs to comprehensively assess the possible legal risks related to the corporate assets, status, intellectual property, etc. of the concerned target enterprise. During the negotiation of the transaction, there will often be a need for the intervention of legal experts as potential legal pitfalls will have to be sufficiently addressed early on during the negotiation.

WCMS Outsourcing & Business Process performs end-to-end due diligence, assesses the main risks, and provides solutions that can help to reduce the risk.

We also assist companies to draft the letter of intent, confidentiality agreements, exclusivity agreements, etc.

Financial Due Diligence Services

Our financial due diligence is highly detailed and designed to provide our clients with the intelligence they need to make the best decisions in the deal.

When it comes to conducting financial due diligence, we will analyze the historical and current financial statements, including key agreements, and review the control environment. We will also comprehensively analyze the risk involved with the transaction

Tax Due Diligence Services

If you are looking to dispose of a non-core business or asset, acquire a company, or enter into a merger, you will need to manage the tax risk by conducting a thorough tax due diligence. We provide comprehensive and detailed tax due diligence and provide a detailed report on the risks and opportunities.